Keep 100% of Your Revenue

A better way to take payments and keep more revenue.

The best defense against ever-increasing costs is PASS from PayRilla. We build into your payment technology the ability to assess a small service fee to purchases that is automatically discounted for cash paying customers. Join thousands of business owners across the US saving money with PASS.

Easy as 1-2-3



Connect your PayRilla PASS device to power and internet. Use our handy included guides or trust your seasoned Sales Agent.


Post our supplied signage (at no cost to you) to keep your business in compliance.


Start saving! Know that every single transaction you take means more money in your pocket – insulating you from anything the world throws at you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if PASS is right for my business?

The answer can only be given by you – the business owner. If you’re tired of variable fees taken out of your account at the end of the month or customers using your business to cash in rewards trips, then it just might be. We’ve seen PASS work in businesses across all industries – from transmission repair to hot dog stands to treadmill manufacturers. And if it doesn’t for some reason? You can always convert to a different processing program at no cost.

Do I have to pay sales tax on the service fee collected?

At PayRilla we set up your program very specifically so that your service fee revenue is equally offset and deducted prior to hitting your account. This makes it a third-party passthrough fee, which means you don’t have to report on it at all. Be careful though, not every company works this item out so you could be out of compliance with your state revenue department (yikes!).

Will this work in my state?

Yes! Typically people asking this question are thinking about surcharging. While there are similarities between PASS and surcharging, one of the very important distinctions is that cash discounting programs are allowable in all 50 states regardless of any rules on surcharging. For specifics on your state, feel free to reach out or contact your Sales Agent.

Won't my customers be upset?

We can talk surveys or we can talk real life. Here’s both – surveys show that over 80% of people wouldn’t think twice about paying a Service Fee of less than 5% for the convenience of using a card vs. using cash. In real life? People really just don’t care. They either get it because they know how much costs have increased during the pandemic or they frankly don’t even notice. The bottom line is that customers have never been more willing to pay for convenience – have you ever DoorDash’d a coffee? Pretty sure you paid more than 5% for the convenience.