Full Suite of B2B Tools

Invoicing, payment links, keyed entry, large ticket, recurring, level 3 – no problem.

The world has undoubtedly moved even more towards making all things virtual. That includes billing and collecting payments. What once was seen as easy, processing manual checks and invoices has never seemed more daunting. With increased costs of labor, postage, and less access to staff office hours, electronic collections has never been more valuable.

Customer Billing Tools

Send invoices electronically with built-in payment links, connect to QuickBooks, Sage, and Oracle plus store payment information in a secure vault.

QuickBooks Integration

Connect your invoicing and collections seamlessly and automatically to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and FreshBooks.

Interchange Optimization

If you’re accepting payments from businesses and you’re not getting Level 3 qualification you’re overpaying for payment processing – by a lot.

What's Special About B2B Payments?

Technology that ensures that you are getting the absolute best interchange rates.

Interchange is typically between 70% and 95% of your processing bill. This is the “cost” in cost plus pricing and is charged by the banks that issue credit and debit cards. While every business is obligated to pay the same interchange rates, adding data elements to your transaction can move that transaction from one categorization to another.

Sounds complicated right? It is, unless you have the right technology in place and an agent who knows what they’re doing.

Let’s look at a single, $10,000 transaction using a credit card issued to a business.

Level 1

Level 1 interchange rates would be 2.95% plus 10¢.

Interchange Cost:


Level 2

Level 2 interchange rates would be 2.65% plus 10¢.

Interchange Cost:


Level 3

Level 1 interchange rates would be 1.95% plus 10¢.

Interchange Cost: