GrowthZilla Salon POS

Full featured salon POS offering online booking, integrating marketing functions, and powerful calendar management.

Manage retail commissions, booth rentals, online booking for multiple stylists via web, Instagram, and Facebook while boosting stylist tips via intuitive checkout screens.

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Powerful Scheduling

Drag and drop rescheduling, keep track of multiple stylists schedules and give them access to their schedule through a native mobile app on their phone. Integrated notifications and reminders help eliminate no-shows.

Integrated Online Booking

Accept appointments online and they automatically go into the stylist schedule. Set customizable times for each service to reduce overbooking or dead time between appointments.

Smart Paywall

Require payment at time of booking for certain clients (no-show history) or certain services (larger than $100 or wedding party bookings).

Eliminate Processing Fees

Utilizing order flow technology and popular legislation, merchants are no longer required to pay the bulk of their processing fees. Growthzilla comes pre-equipped with PayRilla’s PASS program to help you save.

Increase Stylist Tips

Whether you run a grooming salon, hair, nail, barbershop, or massage parlor – building tips into the transaction flow is proven to increase compensation to tipped employees and contractors.