chargeback protection program

Protecting your business from chargebacks has never been more important or challenging. We are pleased to introduce PayRilla Protect – a turnkey chargeback deflection and reimbursement program. In addition to the program features below, PayRilla Protect subscribers  will never face a PCI non-validation fee from PayRilla and enjoy $100,000 Merchant Data Security protection, covering breach, theft of PII, ransomware, and legal defense in the case of breach.

The video below will explain the program features and benefits:

For All Merchants: Deflect

Deflect is the first component of PayRilla Protect. Our system connects directly with your merchant account and alerts the Protect system  immediately when a chargeback is initiated.


Our system will automatically upload a copy of the digital receipt back to the system used by the card issuer. Based on the data, this will eliminate roughly 20% of chargebacks.


For certain merchants, especially online retailers with a wide array of product prices, it may make sense to set up auto-resolution parameters. Based on how you set your parameters, the system will automatically issue a refund for certain transactions under a set threshold – avoiding the chargeback altogether. 

For Card Present Merchants: Advantage

The second component of PayRilla Protect – Advantage is the ultimate defense for card-present merchants. Offering full reimbursement of card present chargebacks up to $1,000 per item and $100,000 per year, this is an insurance policy against some of the nonsense we see in today’s chargeback landscape. Specifically, Advantage will cover the following types of chargebacks:

This coverage is only available for card-present, swipe, or chip transactions.

Every PayRilla merchant automatically has access to the full suite of PayRilla Protect features! Say goodbye to the stress of tracking down receipts, managing dispute timelines, or expensive EMV upgrades.

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