Powerful cloud technology point of sale for even the most complex hospitality businesses.

RillaPOS is more than a point of sale – it’s a hospitality operating system. Whether you’re a hotel needing to integrate food service into your PMS, a fine-dining restaurant, a crazily customizable pizza place, or a night club who needs speed – RillaPOS is your solution.

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Own Your Customer Data

Learn who your best customers are and wow them by knowing that Steve always gets the double meat steak and cheese with pepper jack but no mushrooms. Know the lifetime value of your customers, market directly to them, and even reorder on the fly.

Multi-Zone Delivery Management

Customize your delivery fees, minimum orders, and availability through unlimited customizable zones. This isn’t just x miles from the store, but geofenced on a map. Unless your drivers are flying like a bird, mapping as the bird flies certainly doesn’t make much sense.

Conversational Ordering

Seamlessly swap from a large half-pepperoni to a medium house special without having to delete an item or back out of a screen. Drill down to quarters, and of course thirds and halves. If you’re a crazy person, we can even accommodate eighths.

Master of Modifiers

Add, remove, double, hold, and force modifiers. De-select included modifiers from specialty menu items without changing the price, or double a modifier for extra revenue. Also, different sized and variable priced modifiers are all accessible in our simple back office.