Built for Small Business by Small Business Owners

The world of payments is changing – giant corporations who take advantage of their clients have spawned a new generation of Agent First payments ISOs. PayRilla is leading a new world of service, technology, and Agent Empowerment.

Payments mega-corporations continuously invent new ways to confuse and take advantage of their clients. For years, small business owners have bore the brunt of fee increases, non-sensical force opt-in expensive programs, and a complete lack of local service.

By empowering our local Agents with the right technology, access, and training, PayRilla creates an ecosystem of success not just for our clients, but for everyone involved in ensuring your business success.

  • No price increases. Not ever.
  • Right-fit technology.
  • Invested in amazing service.
  • Empowered local agents.
  • Powerful partnerships.

We don't get paid to get you. We get paid to keep you.

– Jason Jett, CEO –

Why Businesses & Agents #GOPAYRILLA

More than just a payment processor.

Processing has come a long way in the past 5 years. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated technology adoption and now restaurant owners, retail store managers, and paper and pen invoicing companies are finding themselves needing to manage a technology stack with little to no training and support.

PayRilla was built to help.

The Right Technology

We don’t force a narrow selection of tools into our clients’ businesses. Always expanding, seeking, and training on new options.

The Right Tools

From statements to reporting to PCI validation programs, PayRilla arms its clients and Agents with the tools needed to succeed.

The Right Humans

While we are a business serving businesses PayRilla team members will never lose sight of the truth – we are humans helping humans.

The Right Mission

Our mission is to provide financial success for our agents and our team members. The only way to do this is provide legendary support, powerful technology, and always act to keep our clients.